like ‘hey mom how is it going?’ and she was like ‘Yeah

(Photo: 2K) Williamson officially the youngest NBA2K cover athlete The ever-popular video game for sports fans and gamers is NBA2K and this year fans are celebrating the newest installment, NBA2K21.
Though the release of the game is anticipated for later this year, the company is celebrating early with the announcement that Zion Williamson will be featured as the cover athlete.
Many of the greatest NBA stars of all time have the honor of gracing the cover of the NBA2K game and now Pelicans rookie, Zion Williamson, will be the new face of the next game installment.
Williamson is honored to be the next cover athlete is the announcement comes days before Williamson’s 20th birthday on July 6.

The best part of the announcement for Williamson was receiving the news from his mother

Williamson said his mother asked how things are going being nonchalant

then responding, “Yeah, 2K is going to put you on the cover.’ Zion Williamson””s mom delivered the NBA 2K21 cover news to him and in the most casual way possible.
“It was one of those subtle things, like ‘hey mom how is it going?’ and she was like ‘Yeah, 2K is going to put you on the cover.’” Via @_JarrelHarris — The Bird Writes (@thebirdwrites) July 1, 2020 Williamson will also be officially the youngest athlete featured on the cover of the game and will also be featured on the upcoming Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 games.
The company is also planning on featuring Williamson on the next-generation limited-edition game consoles.

NBA2K21 will also feature other basketball stars including Damian Lillard

with more athletes to be announced at a later date.
There are more announcements to come and fans will be anticipating playing the game soon.

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