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#1 2020-09-13 05:39:54

From: Austria, Krumbach-Markt
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Every day brings a new challenge to the Admiral

Take the helm of your own naval empire, command powerful fleets and make alliances to send your foes into the bottom of the sea.
Build and upgrade your naval base, compose your fleets from different types of ships and appoint powerful officers to lead your fleets to victory.
Research powerful technologies and even super weapons to gain the edge over your competitors.
Wage large scale wars in alliance vs.
alliance activities, climb leaderboards for the position of the most powerful admiral in the world, achieve high military ranks and overcome challenges, invite your friends and chat with players from around the world.
Daily challenges and events.
Every day brings a new challenge to the Admiral, players need to put aside their differences to fight together against the powerful World Boss – The Black Pearl which appears daily to terrorize the high seas, an enemy so powerful it needs the combined efforts of all commanders to take down.

This challenge and many more await you in the Admiral

Prepare for battle.
Choose from a multitude of ship types, deadly destroyers, missile armed frigates, stealthy submarines and gigantic aircraft carriers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses making strategy a key to victory.
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