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As FATF has recently recommended


Our crew in alphabetical order                                 Anastasia

Take your time and take a look at our job offers.
" Authentication  and Digital Identities are one of the most important topics in the networked world.

Secure and legally compliant KYC solutions are possible here

particularly through the use of block chains.
Our investment in helix id underlines our philosophy of investing in technology that offers solutions for the  digital age .
With helix id we have invested in a very experienced and ambitious team that shares our  strategy  and vision."       "Blockchain-based identity management is the next big thing in digital transformation where customers have a clear benefit: owning their data, having full privacy and not having hundreds of passwords for hundreds of user accounts."       "Blockchain HELIX is introducing with helix id the Digital Identity to the market.
As FATF has recently  recommended , such a product will provide a tool to apply more efficient and low-risk Know-Your-Customer checks for Anti-Money-Laundering purposes.
It also gives the customer the power to protect his privacy when  dealing with  corporates.
A great  achievement  for the Blockchain ecosystem by a German Blockchain veteran."       "Especially for banks helix id offers an interesting solution for the Digital Identity on the Blockchain.
Helix id provides a platform on which personal data can be shared by institutions, .

Companies and banks in the B2B sector and where the requirements of the DSGVO are met

The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process can thus be carried out quickly and securely."       "There is a strong  requirement  for Digital Identity in the online and mobile world.
Digital processes need to be implemented from a customer’s  perspective  without media disruption.
The convenient and secure verification of identity, combined with a TAN-free  authentication  and approval using digital signature are the key success factors."       "Trust is the basis of decentralized business relationships.
The Digital Identities and KYC verifications offered with helix id complement the company verifications in the, so that trusting business relationships between trusted partners can be digitized end-to-end without creating dependencies to platform operators.".
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