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100 Strangers Project – How I approach strangers and take their portraits

January 27.

2019   Leave a comment                           Leave a comment           100 Strangers

Video         , approaching, , documentary, , , Photography, , strangers, ,                      Touché Amoré – Motorco Music Hall – 9/26/2017.
September 28, 2017   Leave a comment                                                                 Touché Amoré put on an amazing show at the Motorco Music Hall in Durham, NC.  They were joined by Single Mothers, Gouge Away and Joy.
See the rest of my Touché Amoré photos from this show.

Leave a comment           Concert

Photography         Amoré, Concert, durham, hall, motorco, , , , Photography, Touché                     Stranger 2/100 – Al.
September 27.

2017   Leave a comment             Shortly after photographing Justin (stranger #1)

I crossed Tryon Street and headed towards the main library.
There were two women taking pictures of each other in front of the Charlotte Buddy Bear — a 7-foot tall artistic bear statue given to Charlotte by several German  organization s.
I offered to take a picture of both of them using their cell phone, and they were happy for me to do so.
As I turned to leave, I saw this guy smiling at us as he walked by.
Meet Al.

Al seemed friendly and approachable

so I quickly walked up next to him, said “hi” and asked him how his day was going.
He just came from the library and had been been filling out employment forms.
I asked him what kind of work he’s looking for and he said “anything”.
He had previously done work shooting  video  for different groups.
Al is from a smaller city southeast of Charlotte and has family all over the Charlotte area.

When I told him about the 100 Strangers Project

he smiled and said “…and I’m one of them.”.
We walked a  little further  down the street together after taking the photo.
I wasn’t able to learn much more about Al as our  conversation  was interrupted twice with music blasting out of a nearby car and again with a loud argument on the sidewalk.
I wished him luck with the job search and he wished me luck with the 100 Str angers  project.

Technical Notes: I only took three photos over a timespan of less than 15 seconds

All shots were natural light with no reflector or  flash .
I directed him to hold a serious pose for the first two which looked great.
Then I told him he could smile if he wanted to.
He turned his head away and came back showing some teeth.
This is the picture I chose because I felt it showed more of his  personality .
Leave a comment           100 Strangers, Photography,          100, , carolina, , north, , Photography, , strangers, .

Street                     Stranger 1/100 – Justin aka Manok $ Roe

September 23, 2017   2 comments             1/100 – Justin aka Manok $ Roe Welcome to my first 100 Strangers portrait!  Since I discovered the 100 Strangers project in early September 2017, I knew it was something I had to do.  Basically, the goal is to approach strangers on the street, take their portrait and learn a little about them.  Of course there are many technical challenges of shooting different people in changing environments, but the biggest challenge is stepping out of your  comfort zone  and approaching complete strangers.
I live in Charlotte, NC (USA) which has a population of  about  800,000.
While walking around the city center, I locked eyes with this stylish individual sitting on a bench.
Meet Justin.

Justin is a rapper who is also known as Manok $ Roe

He described his style as a cross between Prodigy (Mobb Deep) and Jadakiss.
As he was talking, a guy told him that he sounded like Frank Sinatra (which he took as a big complement).
He told me that his average day is “trying to survive and provide for my family”.
He has a little girl and a son on the way.
When asked if he was getting any traction on YouTube, he said “I’m not speaking what they want to hear.
They want to hear lies, and I’m telling the truth”.

Best of luck in the future Justin

I hope our paths cross again.
Technical Notes: I realized after the fact that I should have used a reflector (which I had with me) to light the right side of his face and shirt.
I took a couple shots of him up against a building but they looked a bit flat, so I repositioned him on the curb which created a more dynamic background.
I captured several frames with different hand gestures, but I found this simple, relaxed pose to be the most compelling.
2 Comments           100 Strangers, Photography,          100, , carolina, , north, , Photography, , strangers, street                     Lost in Thought.
February 23, 2017   Leave a comment             “Lost in Thought” Photo Manipulation              Leave a comment           Photography         in, lily, lost, manipul, photo, Photography, thought                     Boiler.
February 16, 2017   Leave a comment             This is a still-life image of the boiler in my basement that I created using a light painting technique.
I exposed the scene for two minutes in complete darkness while I lit various parts of it with a small flashlight.
I’m very happy with he results and look forward to making more soon.

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flashlight, light, , Photography                                                            Post to.


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