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Gearing up for your accreditation through WASC

THRIVE:  Professional  Services.
These services are designed for schools approaching a  turning point  in their operations, be it the end of a current charter term or consideration of expansion or replication.
Charter  School Renewal .

EdTec has assisted numerous charter schools in developing strong

compliant, and successful charter renewal applications.
Our expert team assists with all facets of the charter renewal process including narrative development, student  performance  analysis, and budget creation.
Grant Writing.
We provide support with grant research and writing for schools  interested in  pursuing funds for special projects.
We also work with developing schools to complete  applications  for the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) and the Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP) in California under the grant writing service offered in our Create category.
To stay up-to-date with grant opportunities nationwide, .

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Strategic Planning.
For schools looking ahead to the future and wondering about the best path to take–be it expansion, replication.

Or a shift in focus–EdTec pairs you with our partner

Third Plateau, for strategic planning guidance and coaching.
Third Plateau offers a full range of strategic planning support customized to meet the needs of each individual school and  organization .
Sometimes that can be an engaging, dynamic day-long retreat, while other times it’s a comprehensive process that engages a wide range of  stakeholder s to collaboratively set a new course for the future.
If your school is facing a daunting challenge or needs help optimizing an exciting new  opportunity , a strategic plan can help to provide direction and clarity.
Board  Development .
An active, informed board is an important piece of every charter school’s success.
Board development training is available through EdTec’s back office services and through our partner.

Social impact consulting firm Third Plateau

to teach board members to be effective and efficient stewards of their school’s mission, vision, and values.
This training is customized for each school and may include board retreats and workshops; mentoring, coaching, and leadership development; and support with board recruitment strategy.
Gearing up for your accreditation through WASC.
We will help your team understand the WASC process and prepare appropriately to ensure a successful WASC evaluation.
EdTec can provide a range of support from WASC process training to direct assistance with the self-study. < Perform.


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