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Oil Production and Exporting Company

Contract Lifecycle Management Case Studies

Though their businesses may be unique.

CLM Matrix customers share a common initial vision:  To understand the current rights

risks and obligations for their contract portfolio.
Each is driven by varying degrees of fragmented procedures, labor intensive processes, poor contract visibility, ineffective compliance management and governance, and inadequate  performance  management.
By implementing our Matrix Software solutions, companies of all sizes begin to secure returns from improvements in contract initiation, creation, internal efficiency,  performance  tracking, compliance and governance.
For additional details on a selection of customer bios, please click on a link below.
Managed Healthcare  Company .
The  company  negotiates contracts with providers and facilities to deliver cost effective healthcare services to its health plan members and clients.
These contracts contain legal clauses defining the relationship of the provider to  the company  and include attachments that vary in detail and complexity on what services will be paid in what manner.

Investment and Financial Management Firm

Key  Information  Workers were unable to find needed information easily and/or they had to use workarounds to internal processes in order to get the information.
At times, these workarounds were at odds with the  company ’s internal policies…                                                                                                                                                                                                         Oil and Natural Gas Service Company.
The company regularly engages in bid tender  negotiation s with major oil producers to extend existing services or provide new products and solutions.
These negotiations require extensive workflow  collaboration  for internal reviews and approvals.

Movie Studio and Entertainment Company

The movie production  company  needed to improve the process for creating contract agreements with the production casts and crew.
They could potentially incur millions of dollars in late fees and penalties when they fail to meet contractual compensation obligations.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The company had a difficult time managing the different contractual relationships associated with their development and clinical trial procedures.
Many of the contractual relationships stipulate penalties for non-compliance, and regulatory procedures require annual audits to ensure the company executes within the contractual guidelines.

Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Services Firm

The company needed a single repository and legal clause library to drive greater contract consistency and accuracy.
No more paper driven processes or multiple systems.
This includes contracts created outside their systems as well as those generated within the system.
Oil Production and Exporting Company.
The company needed to streamline and drive greater operational efficiency for their buy-side bid tender/RFP process.
They further needed to capture key metadata that governed future rights and obligations and integrate this data with downstream systems.

High Technology Software Developer

To increase profitability, the company needed to improve quality control of its contracting process and accelerate the contract lifecycle.
They needed to better understand the business impact of granting specific clauses, their cost to company, and the true value to the customer.

Commercial Engineering & Construction Company

The company needed a solution that would enable better cost containment through a reduction of fines or penalties incurred due to compliance issues.
Their contract management process was fragmented and defined by manual activities with minimal electronic collaboration.

Professional Services Consulting Organization

Leading Technology Solutions and Service Company Driving Toward a 50% Reduction in Contract Cycle Time, Redeploying Resources to Drive Revenue Growth.
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