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Read more about Papyrus4Robotics in the RobMoSys Wiki

What are the challenges in robotic software development.
Download our Papyrus Use Case Story “A consolidated EU Digital Industrial Platform for Robotics” and find a clear migration path for a step-by-step integration of of existing model-driven software and tools.
RobMoSys Papyrus Use Case Story              1 file(s)    5.20 MB                               Download                    The objective of RobMoSys is to manage the interfaces between the various roles involved in developing robotics systems (robotics experts, domain experts, component suppliers, system builders, as well as installation, deployment and operation specialists).
The current robotics software development landscape is primarily code-centric and highly fragmented into numerous and often incompatible component-based frameworks.
It is characterized by a series of stand-alone tools, written in different programming languages, with sometimes overlapping capabilities, ranging from specialized coding facilities to sophisticated simulation environments.
The RobMoSys approach aims at solving critical issues in the area of robotics software development observed in industry.
Read more about Papyrus4Robotics in the RobMoSys Wiki.


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