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2019 was another incredible year for OAS

2019 was another incredible year for OAS.

From partnering with the Governor and Craig Hospital

to the launch of our community programs to the advocacy and individual experiences in between – it was filled with best days ever and life changing outdoor recreation for individuals with disabilities.

OAS continued to break down barriers to the outdoors

and the community went above and beyond to ensure that OAS was supported in that mission.

We are so grateful for all of the people that make OAS so much more than a sports program

but a caring community of individuals, seeking to build the world into the inclusive version they want to see and to empower individuals with disabilities to live a healthy and thriving life.

Whether you support OAS as a sponsor

donor, athlete, volunteer, community member or supporter from a distance – YOU make it all possible.
Though 2020 has been off to a most unusual start, we at OAS remain committed to serving our mission however we are able.  We look forward to continuing to work with our community to make possible the vision of a day when everyone has the benefits of outdoor recreation, regardless of ability.
Cheers, Kellie Standish Development + Marketing Coordinator 2019 Annual Report  The post OAS Releases 2019 Annual Report appeared first on Oregon Adaptive Sports.


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