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users prefer this DIY approach over contacting support

Did you know that resolutions that need even one live interaction — yes, just one back and forth between a customer and an agent — cost 80 to 100 times higher than a fully self-service fix.
Not just that, self-service resources like documentation, FAQs, and knowledge bases that power such “agent-free” resolutions can slash as much as 40% of live ticket volume.
Want to leverage these but not sure where to start.
Start with documentation.
Check out today’s resources for help.
Here goes… From Our Blog Best User Documentation Examples Documentation is the go-to support channel for 70% of users.
Whether it’s for learning their way around a product or troubleshooting an issue, users prefer this DIY approach over contacting support.
Here are five great examples of product documentation that will help you ship one super-fast.
How WP Simple Pay Increased Article Success by 44% Almost every business that starts with documentation starts out by adding either a “Documentation” page with links to all the documentation posts or a category with the same name.
And it’s perfectly ok.
But as support content piles up, it gets necessary to upgrade from this native solution to a real one.

Here’s a WordPress company’s first-hand account through this

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content Knowledge Base Article Templates to Level-up Your Self-service Game Here’s a primer on what thorough product documentation looks like with tips on creating all the content types of the self-service mix — from FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and product descriptions to onboarding flows.
Build a Successful Digital Customer Service Strategy These are the insights Gartner found in its digital customer service strategy research focusing on the state of self-service.
Learn why you need to focus your efforts on resolving customer issues completely via self-service channels, taking only the most complex ones to live support.
WordPress News WordPress Bumps Minimum PHP Recommendation to 7.2 If your website is running a version of PHP that’s older than 7.2, you’ll stop receiving security updates.
So upgrade now.
Oh, .

And Gutenberg 8.3 is here and so is WooCommerce 4.3 (Beta)

So that’s all for this edition.
Which story did you find the most useful.
Know of something we should check out.
Just hit reply and tell us.
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