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Weekly News Round-up – 17/7/20

In the news this week, despite significant alarms recently that GSK’s belantamab mafodotin could endanger patients’ eyes, the multiple myeloma drug has been approved by expert advisers.
In other news, Novartis promises to make no profit from 15 of its COVID drugs sent to developing countries; and J&J is set to begin human testing of its own COVID-19 drug.
GSK’S MULTIPLE MYELOMA DRUG FDA-APPROVED DESPITE SAFETY FEARS – Despite FDA concerns around danger to patients’ eyes, GSK’s first-in-class multiple myeloma drug belantamab mafodotin has been backed by a panel of FDA expert advisers.
The drug is expected to The regulatory is expected to come to a final decision in the next few weeks.     ROCHE AND BLUEPRINT SIGN $1.7 BILLION DEAL ON CANCER DRUG – Roche and cancer drug company Blueprint have signed a deal worth up to $1.7 billion over pralsetinib, a drug targeting tumours with RET mutations.

The two companies will equally market the drug and share profits and losses in the U.S
This deal will see Roche come into competition with Eli Lilly

whose RET inhibitor is already approved by the FDA.     NOVARTIS PROMISES TO MAKE NO PROFIT FROM 15 COVID DRUGS IN POOR COUNTRIES – Novartis’s Sandoz unit has promised to offer 15 generic and over-the-counter medicines for no profit to developing countries while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
The range of drugs will cover cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, and in particular dexamethasone, which has shown to cut death rates in severely ill coronavirus patients.     In other news:    Clinical TrialsBayer/Merck’s heart failure drug vericiguat receives FDA fast reviewJ&J to begin human testing of COVID-19 drug    ManufacturingModerna begins production of COVID vaccine for at-risk patientsFDA reveals plans for restarting domestic inspections    That’s all for now.
See you next week.
Joshua Neil, EditorProventa International    To ensure you remain up-to-date on the latest in clinical development, sign up for Proventa International’s online Clinical Operations, Supply Chain & Pharmacovigilance Strategy Meeting 2020.

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