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I will be wearing my Road iD EVERYWHERE

Why Every Runner Or Walker Needs A Road iD I don’t have any medical conditions.  I don’t really need a Road iD.
This was my thought, .

Y’all.  I didn’t have any conditions.  Until I did.  In a big way

A few evenings ago, I was walking my dog.  I do this every day.  All of a sudden, I started to feel light headed.  I thought, “Maybe I should call my husband to come get us.”  The very next thought I had was, “What am I doing in the back of this ambulance?” All signs point to a seizure.  I have never had one before in my life.  Nobody in my family has a history of them, either.
My best girl who was up to walking 5 miles a day with me.
When I went down, I was outside a neighborhood.  A woman who lives there saw me and called the ambulance.  She fished my driver’s license out of my pocket.  She didn’t know me but had the great idea to look me up on Facebook to look for mutual friends and called the first one that came up.  That friend was with another friend, who called my closest friend to get in touch with my husband.
Follow all that.
Because of her quick thinking (and my friends picking up their phones) my husband was able to meet the ambulance at the scene.  Two of my friends came and got my dog, returned her to my house and updated my kids.
What If.

What if my hero had just turned my ID over to the EMT

How long would it have taken to find and notify my family.
As it was, we realized that my friend didn’t have my husband’s phone number; she sent him a Facebook message and hoped that he was online.
Wear a Road iD Whenever You Leave The House I have a concussion and seven staples in the back of my head, abrasions on my face and a sore tailbone.
Landing hard on the sidewalk meant there was no way I was communicating anything to anybody.
I spent 2 nights in the hospital while every test known to man was done on me.
As soon as I got home from the hospital, I ordered a Road iD.  It’s a band that I will wear everywhere.  I chose the information engraved on there.  I chose my name, my husband’s name and phone number, my friend’s name and phone number and a heads up to my medical condition.
By the way, having that conversation with my friend was fun.
It’s like when you are dating someone.
“Will you be my permanently engraved secondary emergency contact?”  This is big stuff, .

Y’all.  Making this commitment public is just the next step

Don’t like wearing a bracelet.

They’ve got shoe tags as well.  And I could get a tag for my sweet dog
Replacement Plates For right now

we don’t have a “why” for my seizure.  I simply had “previous seizure” engraved on my band as a heads up.
Should I ever get a diagnosis of epilepsy or some other contributing condition, .

I can order a new plate for my Road iD with updated information

There is also the option to have access to an updateable online emergency response profile.
Emergency services personnel can call the number listed and get detailed and updated information about you and whatever condition you may have.
Order Your Road iD And Get $10 Off  Because I wanted to encourage as many people to order a bracelet as possible, I reached out to the folks at Road iD to see if I could get a discount code for my readers.
This link gives you $10 off any purchase of $20 or more.
I’ve known about this company for years, .

But thought that I didn’t need a bracelet because I am perfectly healthy.  Until I wasn’t

Do your loved ones a favor and get your personalized band so that they won’t be in the dark if something does happen to you.
I’m home and healing up now.

We are still looking for answers.  But at least I know that if it happens again

I won’t have to depend on the quick thinking of a bystander to communicate who I am and how to get in touch with my family.
I will be wearing my Road iD EVERYWHERE.
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