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click on ‘Remove All Web History’

Having information on how Google history is something most people treasure

Actually, it is a great feature for those individuals who are in need of something they may have looked or searched for in the past.
Google history also comes in handy for people who want to have an idea of the trend in their search habits.
However, .

Google history is not a darling of many mainly because of privacy concerns

So how do you view, edit, and disable this history.
Well, below is a brief highlight on how to go about the whole process.
Viewing web history For purposes of viewing your history, just log on into the history page and enter your login details, that is, the password and username.
Once you are logged in, you will see a screen with all your history details.
Here, you are at liberty to perform any action regarding the history.
Editing/deleting web history If your wish is to delete a particular web page or search query, you are required to select the check box on the screen.
What follows this is selection of the remove button.
To delete the entire web history, click on ‘Remove All Web History’.

Disabling web history Click on the ‘Pause’ button if you wish to disable your history

This pauses the history feature.
It means that all your searches and logins will no longer be displayed on the history page.
The above information comes in handy to anyone who wants to perform any of the above tasks.
The post Information On How To View, Edit, .

And Disable Google History appeared first on Scriptcase Blog



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